Datacenter Security

The data center of the future is software-defined. It is dynamic and application-centric. The threat landscape is changing. And server protection strategies are responding. Companies are moving into highly virtualized, software-defined, and multi cloud, multi-platform environments. Organisations increasingly want business to be able to self-provision IT resources. Business process will be closely tied to IT ops and security. Security is no longer an afterthought Companies want security to be at the forefront and closely tied to the business process.

Data center security models must understand data and infrastructure risks across internal data and externally provided information management and infrastructure services.

Our Data Center Security solutions are based on Symantec Technology and integrates with VMware to automatically deliver agentless anti-malware, agentless network IPS, file reputation services and in-guest file quarantine services via security virtual appliances (SVAs) for newly provisioned and dormant VMs with active security profiles

Data Center Security features Operations Director which integrates with Data Center Security Server Advanced, Palo Alto Networks, Rapid 7, and VMware NSX to deliver application-level security hardening during the new IT asset provisioning process.